Linepharma About Us

About Linepharma

Linepharma is a European pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving women’s health and safe reproductive care.

Half of the abortions performed every year are unsafe, causing around 70,000 maternal death and millions of women with long-term complications and disability: a woman dies every eight minutes due to complications arising from unsafe abortion.

Our Mission

Linepharma’s mission is to provide safe and high-quality products for Medical Abortion. Striving to reduce the number of unsafe abortions, Linepharma has been recognized in the medical abortion field as a market leader.

Every woman deserves the best quality of care, no matter where she is in the world, and that is why Linepharma has developed high-quality products, manufactured in Europe, and approved by the most demanding agencies of the world (Europe, Canada, and Australia).

Following the most advanced scientific data and WHO’s recommendations, Linepharma offers a complete range of products for medical abortion. Linepharma’s products and treatment regimens are clinically proven to be safe and effective. Linepharma’s combi-pack has been the first medical abortion product approved by Australian and Canadian agencies.